Cleanliness and sanitation are priority number one for NTR. We pay very close attention to detail to every unit that we have rent to ensure that we are the cleanest company in our industry. We undertake a strict cleaning routine every time to ensure constant quality. We take seven minutes per unit to clean out toilets, wheres most rental companies clean a unit within two to three minutes. We are reliable and timely with our services to be certain that any service request from our valued customers is delivered in a timely manner.

Disaster Relief


NTR workers have lived and worked through storms, floods, and oil spills. We know the importance of keeping business going and restoring vulnerable communities. Before a disaster happens, NTR is hard at work in our community, planning for the unexpected. We build relationships with local governments and emergency managers to make sure we have the standby equipment and personnel to mobilize quickly where the need is the greatest. 

Following a disaster, NTR utilizes its broad network of assets to be first on the scene. Our workers are focused on customer service and are committed to recovery in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We will do our best to help you through your difficult time. 

In the event of a disaster, we know that prompt, comprehensive service is critical. Need us on short notice? NTR is Always Responsive and Always Here for any unforeseen natural disaster, with a wide array of products and services to assist. NTR was there for Hurricane Harvey, and we plan to be there for any Natural disasters in the future. Count on NTR to deliver unparalleled support when you need it the most.


NTR is the premier sanitation solution coordinator for outdoor events. From Mardi Gras parades and festivals to charity events and weddings, no one understands the details and logistics of planning the perfect outdoor event quite like we do. 

We have an unparalleled inventory of temporary restroom facilities, including a variety of luxury restroom trailers for superior comfort and cleanliness. Our specialized units are perfectly suited to cater to any occasion, large or small, and our friendly staff is ready to work with you to stay within budget. 

With NTR’s experience, you can expect ideal equipment placement, superior service, and a fast cleanup. Dedicated event personnel and trucks are also available upon request. 

NTR has built a reputation as a reliable provider of event restrooms for concerts, festivals, and fairs and much more. Our expert team has built a solid track record of providing the best equipment, on time, and with unparalleled customer service. No matter the size of your planned activity, NTR’s team is confident they have the experience and capability to make sure your production runs smoothly.



From National Guard training exercises to bases for disasters, NTR has a proven track record of working with government entities such as the City of Houston and the City of New Orleans. Let us help you realize your project’s infrastructure goals. 

At the local government level, NTR meets the portable sanitation challenges of several government agencies. Our customer support team can help with a wide array of infrastructure challenges. If you’re a representative of a government or municipal entity, take a look at our service offerings and get in touch with NTR to learn how we can help.

Industrial and Construction

NTR represents performance, safety, and bottom-line results. We are dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of manufacturers, refiners, and plant managers. We offer prompt and reliable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with dedicated personnel and trucks available upon request. 

NTR’s drivers and managers adhere to OSHA standards for workplace safety and possess Transportation Worker Identification Credential (or TWIC) cards. Our plant management system tracks and manages all company-owned assets for greater efficiency and cost savings. From our hiring procedures to our ongoing inspections and training, we maintain strict standards to ensure that safety, quality and compliance are enforced. 

Our experienced technicians are equipped with all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and our company follows all proper waste disposal protocols in every state in which we operate. Protecting the well-being of workers and property in the areas industrial workers serve is a hallmark of our industrial market offerings. Whether upstream or downstream, long-term restroom rental or short-term turnaround, NTR is your industrial sanitation solution.


Sports and Entertainment

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Are you in search of a reliable rental company for your sports and or entertainment event? NTR has provided expert service for some of the largest sports networks, leagues and major motion pictures in the world. From big to small NTR can cover anything at any time. Give NTR a call for reliable, friendly, and timely service.