Freshwater Holding Tanks

Our system is specifically designed for use with office trailer toilets or permanently installed sink fixtures. We offer this fresh water system in both 60 and 275 gallon sizes. A perfect tool to add a ‘flush’ option to your portable toilets.


  • 60-gallon, on-site fresh water delivery system
  • 275- gallon option available
  • On-demand, float controlled water supply
  • Low power requirements and GFI protected
  • Semi-transparent water storage allows you to easily see fill level


  • 10″ man-hole installed at the tank’s center
  • Two 3” clean out ports
  • Two 3″ spin weld ports
  • Uni-seal grommets and threaded PVC connector are inserted in each clean out port

Suggested Add-ons

  • Pump to push water
  • Waste water tank to collect waste
  • Portable toilets
  • Hand wash
  • Eye wash