Waste Water Holding Tanks

Our 250 gallon holding tank works well in many applications. This tank has been rotationally molded and is made from the strongest polyethylene (plastics). It is most often used under on-site office trailers, but has also been used for temporary waste storage in other locations as well. Multiple clean-out ports with uni-seal grommet makes cleaning easier and decreases damage.


  • Four 3” clean out ports
  • A custom tank with as few as two ports may be produced
  • Uni-seal grommet and threaded PVC connector are inserted in each port


Length 72″ 1.83 m
Width 47.5″ 1.21 m
Height 18″ 0.46 m
Weight 100 lbs 45.36 kg

Suggested Add-ons

  • Fresh Tank Set-up
  • Portable Toilets
  • Hand Wash
  • Eye Wash