Our Trucks
A major source of pride at NTR is our emphasis on safety – specifically, the importance we place on the safety of our trucks. The precautions we take with our truck fleet helps us ensure that our drivers and those on the road with them are as safe as possible. We make this happen through a number of innovations: Backup cameras are installed in every truck; nose cones mirrors are installed on both sides of the truck to ensure drivers have maximum visual range; each truck features additional work lights and hose reels instead of bucket fill to ensure
our drivers aren’t working in unsafe
conditions and reduce the risk of
injury from repetitively picking up 5
gallon buckets of water; and GPS
tracking units are active on
every truck.
At NTR, we pride ourselves on being the cleanest company in the rental business. We make certain that any product with the NTR logo on it will be completely clean and sanitized. To ensure this, we undertake several steps throughout every rental process: Before the unit ever leaves the yard, it’s cleaned and sanitized with high temperature water and bacterial eliminating chemicals. Our cleaning SOP calls for double water in our units to prevent odors; we make use of chemical packets (rather than liquid chemicals) to prevent dilution and spills; we always leave every seat in our units dry; and we never use rags in our cleaning process. Hand sanitizers also come standard with every unit that goes out. The end result? Every NTR unit looks and smells like new with each round of cleaning.
NTR understands the importance of compliance with the industry’s
regulatory organizations. Each one of our Drivers have TWIC cards, OSHA Basic, and site specific trainings in order to ensure that everyone one of our drivers is
up to par with safety regulations on
every site they enter.

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